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Data Security


Our content is hosted on high security data processing centers with international broadband connections. Our servers are being synchronised in the respective countries and repeatedly secured against breakdown.

Copy protection and digital right management

All personal customer data as well as the film content is transmitted encrypted, meaning secure and copy protected. Special systems for the Digital Rights Management (DRM) are being applied.
Digital Rights Management (DRM) makes sure that user files are not being copied, or passed on, arbitrarily as in many of the very popular online exchange platforms. Videos or songs integrated into a DRM-system are being distributed encryptedly with clearly defined rights.
Our solution consists out of numerous modules. User rights for the distribution are being attached. A Clearing House takes care of checking the compliance of the distribution rules.

Customer Data and Payment

With any transaction on the Internet, only the most important customer data for processing the order is electronically surveyed and saved. In order to process the payment for a certain transaction, only information necessary for the chosen mode of payment is being transmitted on a secure line between us and the bank or one of the partners for collecting the due amount.